The Humanities are academic disciplines which involve in-depth study of human culture, using methods that are primarily critical or speculative. The humanities field comprises of several sub-fields including English (both Literature & Grammar), Bengali and other regional languages (both Literature & Grammar), History, Geography, Psychology, Sociology, Foreign Language, Anthropology, Law, Political Science, Civics, Economics, Painting, Music and Dance. In Humanities, students pursue B.A (Bachelor of Arts), M.A (Master of Arts), M.Phil (Master of Philosophy) and Ph.D (Doctor of Philosophy) degrees.

By profession, graduates and post-graduates of Humanities are Journalists, Event Managers, Public Relations Officers, Corporate Communicators, Advertisers, Media Specialists, Publishers, Radio/TV announcers, Television Producers, Media Researchers, Community Relations Specialists, Columnists, Authors, Copy Editors, Critics, Editors, Interpreters, Translators, Play writers, Script Writers, Speech writers, Lyricists, Chefs, Customer Managers and many more job titles to mention. Many graduates and post-graduates in Humanities get employment in renowned schools, colleges and universities as faculties of their respective specialized subjects.