English is one of the largest spoken languages in the world. It is the official language for any and every professional conversation. It is the language of communication in any job environment in India and abroad. Fluent and Effective communication in English is a requirement for any and every recruitment situation. This is why English has been made the only language of instruction and communication in almost every school, college and university in India. A candidate can pursue a wide range of degrees in English – Bachelor of Arts (B.A), Master of Arts (M.A), Master of Philosophy (M.Phil) and Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D).


For Graduates, Post-Graduates and Doctorates in English, there are fabulous job opportunities which are listed as under:

      • News organizations like NDTV , STAR news, ZEE news (as reporters)
      • Content development organizations
      • ITES organizations
      • Public Relation
      • Independent literary critics
      • Teaching
      • Technical Writing


Graduates, Post-Graduates and Doctorates in English are also employed in the following Government Services:

      • Civil Service
      • Decoders
      • Insurance
      • Interpreter
      • Law schools
      • Library
      • Linguists
      • Tourist guides
      • Translator