Microbiology is a science which deals with the study of microorganisms. Study of microorganisms may involve pathogenic or commercially important microorganisms.  Commercially, immense benefits can be drawn from microbes. There are several branches in microbiology which studies aspects of basic research, innovations and industrial importance of microbes. Branches like Medical microbiology, Agricultural microbiology, Environmental microbiology, and Industrial microbiology covers the vast world of human-microbe, microbe-microbe and microbe-environment interactions.
Department of Microbiology involves contributions from our highly enthusiastic and dedicated faculties and scholars. The research work includes both basic and applied areas of microbiology like Bioremediation/biodegradation/biotransformation/phytobioremediation of organic and inorganic compounds, microbe-mineral interaction, agricultural microbiology, industrial microbiology, medical microbiology, molecular microbiology, and meta-genomics.
Several projects are pipelined for mobilizing highly competitive research grants from national agencies such as DST, DBT, ICMR, CSIR, UGC, etc as well as industries.

Careers in microbiology
After completing degree in microbiology, students are absorbed in food and pharmaceutical industries. The hotel and hospital industry also employs microbiologists. The students enter in several research centers as scientists after completing higher studies.