Bachelor of Architecture, B. Arch. is a five years graduate degree programme which constitutes the exploration of building design concepts in relation to multi ? disciplinary questions and in response to historical and contemporary issues in an evolving and increasingly urbanized global culture. This course provides a foundation to the design of the environment from the scale of object, to the building to the larger territory. The design disciplines of architecture as well as urbanism and landscape are examined in context of the larger influence of the arts and sciences. Students are expected to develop skills in thinking and analysis, spatial relationship and design methodologies. Through lectures and design studio exercises, students are provided an opportunity to establish a reference for understanding the discipline of architecture with respect to environment and are given an introduction to design fundamentals and the design process in the beginning of the course. Subsequently multi disciplinary courses are taught for a comprehensive understanding and application procedure to a live project during rest of the course. The subjects for B. Arch include Architectural Design Studio, Materials and Methods of Construction, several workshops in relation with History of Architecture, Environmental Science, Building services (mechanical, electrical, public health engineering etc.), Urbanism, Sociology etc. with the help of modern system of Computer Aided Design Process. In the final year students are explored to professional training as a course work for 6 months and final semester is dedicated for application of all the knowledge accumulated during nine semesters of course work in the form of a Thesis Project. The final year project is further evaluated by renowned professionals for a better understanding of market forces.